Rotary Cheese Grater

Zyliss Classic Rotary Grater, White
Zyliss Classic Rotary Grater, White
Trudeau 5.5x4x4-in. Stressless Rotary Cheese Grater
Trudeau 5.5×4x4-in. Stressless Rotary Cheese Grater
OXO Good Grips Seal and Store Rotary Cheese Grater,
OXO Good Grips Seal and Store Rotary Cheese Grater



If you are looking for a rotary cheese grater then you have found the right spot.  We have many different models of the rotary cheese grater to choose from and all at  very affordable prices.  

If you have every tried grating cheese or any other food with a traditional grater you may have ended up with scraped knuckles after getting your hands in the grater.  The rotary cheese grater solves this problem.  With the rotary grater you put the food into the hopper and close it and it is held in place there.  Then you turn the handle which spins the drum against the cutting device and out comes your grated cheese.  All this is done inside the device, so you never have to worry about cutting your hands.

Rotary graters not only grate cheese, but also a lot of other foods, such as, chocolate, nutmeg, hard cheeses and even nuts.  These are the devices that are used at restuarants to grate cheese onto your food.  Browse through the different models of rotary cheese graters here and you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

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